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Foundations for Felician Leaders

Felician Services proudly welcomes you to this page designed to help you understand your role as a Ministry Leader or local Board Member at a Felician-Sponsored Ministry so that you can support the ministry in achieving its goals.
Please follow the steps here to review the orientation session components. We recommend following them in order and at your own pace.
As St. Felix of Cantalice, patron saint of the Felician Sisters, said, “Deo Gratias!”, or “Thanks Be to God!”, for your service to this Felician-Sponsored Ministry.

Mission Video 1: The video below provides an overview of what Sponsorship means within the context of history and the Church.

Mission Video 2: The video below highlights the calls of Felician sponsorship, fundamental to the identity and character of Felician-Sponsored Ministries.

The Felician Core Values for Ministry

The policies included here (with supporting video and documents as available) are required of Felician-Sponsored Ministries. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with them. Please scroll down as there are SIX policies included as well as one supporting video on the Ministry Assessment for the Annual Report policy.

1. Mission Integration Policy

Signed MI Policy (effective 7-1-17)

2. Annual Report Policy

Felician-Sponsored Ministry Annual Report Policy

The video below is designed to help you understand the Ministry Annual Report process.

3. Corporate Responsibility Program

FSM - Corporate Responsibility Program 4.29.14

4. Officer & Director Conflict of Interest

Officer & Director Conflict of Interest

5. Record Retention & Destruction

Record Retention & Destruction 12.22.09

6. Whistleblower