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Sponsorship Structure

On behalf of the Our Lady of Hope Provincial Council, Felician Services, Inc., serves a designated governance role for all sponsored ministries which is consistent with both canon and civil law and which fulfills the responsibilities of sponsorship.

Understanding Sponsorship

Sponsorship by the Felician Sisters through Felician Services, Inc. is a reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationship between a Felician-Sponsored Ministry & the Felician Sisters of North America. Through sponsorship, the Felician Sisters give support and the use of its name and reputation to a ministry as it carries out its mission as a Catholic education/healthcare/social service ministry. The ministry, in return, affords the Felician Sisters an opportunity to fulfill the mission of the Congregation through providing education/healthcare/social services in accord with its values and mission and those of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Five Calls of Felician Sponsorship

From the beginning of the Felician Congregation the ideals of Saint Francis were an inspirational force in the life of Blessed Mary Angela. Felician community life is permeated with the Evangelical, Ecclesial, Eucharistic, and Marian aspects of her Franciscan spirituality. The Felician-Sponsored Ministries we integrate these aspects of her Franciscan spirituality into the varied ways we relate to all and provide service.

Communication Channels

Felician Services, Inc., governs in order to provide communication between the local ministry, the Felician Services, Inc., Board of Directors and the Our Lady of Hope Provincial Council.

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canonical accountability

Canonical Accountability

Ministry sponsors are canonically accountable for the continued viability of an apostolic work and for supporting its mission.  Sponsors act formally and publicly in the name of the Roman Catholic Church and are entrusted to serve the Church by guiding and overseeing a specific institutional ministry.  Felician Services has been charged with these responsibilities on behalf of the Our Lady of Hope Province.