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Strategic Governance Documents

If you’re looking for a suggested template to present the local report to the ministry Board, simply click the right link below:

Early Childhood Ministry Annual Report Template

Higher Ed Ministry Annual Report Template

Secondary Ed Ministry Annual Report Template

Senior Living Healthcare Ministry Annual Report Template

Social Services Ministry Annual Report Template

When it is time to submit the Annual Report, please follow this link to submit the form online.
You may also use this link to complete the form in a separate window. If you have troubles with the form here, we suggest using your “tab” button to advance to the next cell. Thank you.

Strategic Governance Supporting Resources

Once Felician Services approves a new member for the ministry’s Board, it’s encumbent upon the Ministry Leader to orient the Board Member. Below is a narrated video from Felician-Sponsored Child Care Centers (FSCCC – Livonia, Michigan) and how they go about orienting new Board Members. In preparing the orientation, prepare to share this link as well to Leader Orientation (password available from the Ministry’s Senior Ministry Advisor).

Here’s an accompanying Template for Board Orientation to plan the local Board orientation in addition to the Leader Orientation.

Plan the orientation with both the PowerPoint template above and utilizing this guide below:

2017-03-24 Ministry Board Orientation Checklist

This video provides a fitting introduction to understanding canonical background for the Ministry Assessment.

The Annual Ministry Assessment Introduction from Felician Services, Inc. on Vimeo.

The video and materials below are a recommended and customizable approach to ensure the ministry Board’s affirmation on an annual basis.